BAMA 2021
제10회 부산국제화랑아트페어
21. 04. 09 - 21. 04. 11

2021년 첫 아트페어인 BAMA에 갤러리조은은 김태호, 우국원, 전광영 등 스타 작가부터 유민혜, 채지민 등 유망작가까지 짜임새있는 라인 업을 준비하였습니다. 특히 이번 전시에는 부산 출신 30대 작가이자 서울대 조소과 수석 졸업생인 유민혜 작가의 드로잉 연작을 과감히 선보여 주목 받았습니다.

At BAMA, the first art fair in 2021, Gallery Joeun prepared a well organized lineup from star artists such as Kim Tae-ho, Woo Kuk-won, and Jeon Kwang young to promising artists such as Ryu Min hye and Chae Ji min. In particular, Gallery Joeun drew attention by boldly presenting a series of drawings by Ryu Min hye, a Busan-born artista in her 30s and a graduate from Seoul National University's sculpture department Master degree summa cum laude.

Kwon Min Ho, Park Jong Kyu, Kim Tae-Ho, Woo Kuk-Won, Chun Kwang Young, Ryu Min Hae, Chae Ji Min
  • Aggregation20- MA021(Star5),Ø 100cm, Mixed Media with Korean Mulberry paper, 2020

    Chun Kwang Young

  • Untitled, 53 x 45.5cm(10), Mixed media, 2020

    Oh Se Yeol

  • Exquisite and highly active JE41 45 x 48.4cm (1/6 : 14.8 x 21cm), Drawing on Collage, 2021

    Ryu Min Hae

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